Body Design by Paula

Customer Testimonials

May, 2020


Meeting Paula has been such an inspirational event for me. She has never judged me, condemned me or looked down on me. She has held me up, supported, pushed, encouraged and held me responsible for who I am. I didn’t believe in who I needed to be. I have always taken care of everyone and everything but myself. She has made me so aware of what I can be and how to do it. Working WITH Paula has helped me change my life to be healthier physically and psychologically.  I love working with Paula!


Belinda G.

January 2020

Paula is great! She is so motivating, knowledgeable, and skilled in personal training. She had helped me build muscle safely without injury. My body fat has also decreased as a result. I can finally wear sleeveless shirts again.

Julie Pike

January, 2020

Paula is an excellent trainer!!! She creates unique programs, utilizing proprietary equipment you will not find at a run of the mill random gym. She also can work around physical limitations (I have back issues) but still get results. She’s extremely knowledgeable with not only weight training but nutrition as well. Hard work outs, great encouragement, growing stronger and three years later, I’m still driving 45 mins to her 3 days a week...she’s that good.

Angi Bee

January, 2020

Paula is will find more love and support with her than with any other personal trainer. She helped me rebuild my left knee following ACL repair and I’ve lost 40 pounds and found myself again. Her small groups are a wonderful source of team-building and she ensures that you compete each exercise with proper form. Personal training sessions with her will push you to your next level.

She will assist you with eating plans also. You can’t get a better trainer. I just adore her.

Michelle Wallace

February, 2019

I looked around and talked to several trainers before deciding to give Paula Hornback a try. I am so glad that I signed on with her! I've been working out with her for a year-and-a-half and the transformation has been amazing. When I started I couldn't do a lunge to save my life or lift more than 140 pounds. Now I've dropped two pant sizes, have much more energy, and can deadlift 285 pounds. Unlike a lot of trainers, she listened to me, took the time to help me build a solid foundation, and helped me build my confidence and experience with every session. I continue to look forward to training with her for years to come!

Mathew Cree

January, 2019

I would recommend Paula to anyone she can help those just beginning, back after years and are weak now or those going Pro. I had given up after experiencing personal trainers that pushed too hard, were condensing, didn't understand my addiction to sugar or that I was 40+ and out of shape. I couldn't do a squat properly when I started which Paula came to explain because I wasn't strong enough! No one else got that.  I began with Paula in September 2018 and she understood my strength level or lack there of, age and abilities.  She catered a nutrition and fitness plan that allowed me to build both strength and confidence slowly.  We started with 2 days a week and now, I work out 6 days a week. I went from being so easily worn out that I didn't have the energy to play with my grandkids to feeling amazing!  The dark circles from under my eyes and constant headaches are gone.   I've lost a total of 28 pounds, went from lifting 5 pound dumbbells to 20 pounds and more than doubled my leg press in 6 months!!! Due to Paula's expert guidance as an IFBB Pro I will compete in my first ever bodybuilding competition in April 2019.  Never thought something like that was a possibility for me. If you really want something, go to the Pros that have already walked the walk with their actions and have the trophies to prove it!!! She is the BEST! 


Shell Barger

In January 2019 I met with Paula with a goal to compete again. I had competed before about 2 years prior for the very first time with very little knowledge of food, working out, or the bodybuilding culture. 


So by the time I met Paula I knew what I wanted and how I needed to be but was still unsure how to get fully ready to compete and improve upon the way I had looked prior.


Paula was fully understanding of my goals for my next competition to come and ready to help me get there. I was so impressed with her ability to put together a plan and follow through. I started working out with Paula twice a week for glutes, legs, and back and saw immediate results. Paula’s equipment and workout regimen was making me see muscles and curves I had never seen before. 

I diligently stuck with her meal plan and it all worked! Brought home some medals!


Through the duration of prep, competition, and afterwards Paula was always just a text or meet away. Her hands on approach was great for me and only made me push harder. I felt fully supported and new she was working hard for me and was invested in me and my goals. 


Can’t say enough fabulous things!!! 

Thank you!! 

Britton Sams

February 1, 2019

I have been training with Paula since 2017.  I would have never imagined how much of an impact this woman would make on my life. She is an amazing coach and knows what it takes to reach the goals that each individual person strives for. For myself, I had no idea what I wanted except for the fact that I was tired of feeling weighed down and my body image was not what I wanted. I started off with just small goals and she eased me into everything but would still challenge me. Not only would workouts get more intense but she would challenge me to challenge myself.  In May of 2018 I decided to get serious and challenged myself to become a part of her TeamPhyzeek group and become a Bikini Competitor. 

  She is not only my coach in the gym but outside as well. She has taught me about fitness and nutrition but also a mentor in life. I have grown so much as an individual with her, mind and body. She won’t sugar coat things for you and she will push you, but you have to really want it! I have had other trainers in the past at a gym who just go through the motions to collect their pay but this is not that.  She really cares about the work she is doing and each individual person.  In the end it is an investment in yourself, which you can never go wrong with. I can promise you this if you put the work in you will see results! Paula is not just a coach but a mentor in life and a friend!

Kayla Quassy

April 5, 2018

If I can share one HUGE piece of advice, it’s a long one, but wish I took this to heart years ago. How someone eats and the way their body reacts is different from the next person. I’ve failed at many different eating habits, and for the first time I have found what works for me. Eating a strict Keto based diet takes education on your part. It’s being aware of ingredients, and keeping the processed food away. I’ve followed a low-carb diet months before starting my keto plan prepared by my trainer Body Design By Paula. Low-carb taught me to remove many carbs I ate that aren’t good. This meal plan was easier to adapt to based on my already changed habits! 


I don’t push eating the way I do to anyone. I’ve educated myself to know the benefits of what I am feeling match what Keto does! I’m not stuffing my face of bacon grease, I eat high vegetables (mainly green), moderate protein, and very minimal carbs, my carbs come from my veggies! I’ve also learned how to make amazing, delicious alternative breads with almond/coconut flour, can make deserts, and more! 


Our diets determine how we feel every single day. What we choose to eat will have its own effects. Youtube has been fantastic in learning about Keto lifestyle, you can find ways of educating yourself first and then decide if the benefits are worth changing. I’m here to share that they are for me, and feel for someone else they would, too! 


I invested in my meal plan that took much “thinking” out of it for me. It has been by far the best investment ever. My trainer doesn’t just apply keto meal plans to everyone, it’s a very thorough plan based on YOU! If you have any questions I highly recommend you reach out to Paula Hornback Ifbb Pro, she’s the expert in this! She’s guided countless men/woman to nutritional plans! She’s great to talk to, ask questions! 



Laura Coons

April 5, 2018


I’ve struggled with my weight for quite a few years.  I would try different diets and fail, start different workout routines and quit.  I lacked motivation and determination.  I finally got fed up with being overweight and unhealthy.  I got serious towards the end of July 2017 weighing 221lbs and was determined to make some changes.  So, I started counting calories and exercising at home.  I was seeing some results and shortly before October 2017 I hit a plateau and was stuck at 201lbs.  

My neighbor/friend kept telling me about her Personal trainer Paula and how I should try her out.  She mentioned that her Personal trainer was getting ready to start a six week Booty Camp and I should go with her.  I was really nervous but I finally decided to go ahead and signed myself up for the Booty Camp.  I had never done anything like that.  I have always worked out at home because I felt self-conscious and embarrassed to join a gym.

Once I started going, I enjoyed it and wanted to keep going.  So, I signed up for Small Group twice a week on top of the Booty Camp.  I lost another 10lbs and decided to have Paula design a meal plan for me.  Once I started the meal plan and continued to do Small Group and some one-on-one training, I have been losing 1 to 2lbs a week and noticed that I am starting to tighten and tone my body as I become the healthier new me.

Since joining Paula I have lost an additional 46lbs and I am currently at 165lbs as of March 31, 2018.  I highly recommend Paula, she will give you the guidance, knowledge and encouragement to strive to be the best you can be.  When I am having an off day, I always remember one of her favorite sayings, “How bad do you want it?” and it always gets me motivated.

Christina Hamilton

December 18, 2017

The day I thought I'd never get to see. I started my journey with Paula in May 2015. I wasn't really sure what I was in for, I just knew I needed to get my weight under control. I started out doing two 30 min one on ones a week, moved to the one on one hour sessions, added small group, followed the diet plans, and eagerly pressed forward. Over the course of 18 months the scales kept climbing despite working out 3-4 days a week and my diet restrictions got harder. As you can imagine this was extremely frustrating. From September 2016 to May 2017 I pushed myself harder than ever, I never missed a session, on my days off from work I was in the gym doing fasting cardio...I never gave up and Paula never allowed me to give up. In May 2017 when we saw there wasn't much progress being made, she encouraged me to see Linda Spencer. Linda was able to fine tune my thyroid and insulin levels and reassured me that no matter what diet I followed, or how hard I worked out, the scale wasn't going to drop. Finally.... I had some answers and the best part was that I had already tackled the hard part....DIET and EXERCISE.!!! Since May 2017 I have lost 35lbs. I feel so much more healthy. I couldn't have done this first and foremost without Paula, and secondly without Linda's help. I am forever grateful.  Paula has such a wealth of knowledge, she always customized to meet my individual need, and even on the hardest days she was there to lift my spirits. She's an awesome role model in showing that if you want it you can achieve it!!!! I thank God, for the day we crossed paths at work.

Heather Herald

December 13th, 2017

I never knew before what it meant to have a trainer, let alone the impact they can have on your life. I have been pushed past what I thought were my limits, I’ve built up the strength in my mind to not give into temptations. I am learning so much about myself, I’ve found the person I should be. The gym & my trainer have helped me uncover the driven woman I always was but now pour that into a healthier life. I feel amazing everyday, I’m happy, I don’t need supplements to make me that way, my medicine is fitness! I cannot wait for my next goal and journey in 2018! Lots to document & share, I want to help change others lives!  

Lauren Coons

November 1st, 2017

I have been going to Paula Hornback IFBB Pro for 3 months now. One personal training session a week for 30 minutes and the last 4 weeks I’ve attended a booty camp on Saturdays for an hour. Even without changing my eating habits, I have still improved on every aspect of a physical assessment.  In May 2017 I ran a 1.5 mile in 16 mins flat. I can now do this in 13.50. I struggled to do 18 push ups & now I can breeze through 25 without stopping. I can do 33 sit-ups in one minute. My vertical jump was just over 13.5 inches and now it’s at 16 inches. My 300 meter run was roughly around 74 seconds and now I’m at 65 seconds. I can’t STRESS how important it is to go to someone that knows their “stuff”.


Crystal Luczkowski 

June, 2017

I met Paula in September 2016 and have been seeing her ever since. I am a mother of two beautiful girls and like so many other working mothers just couldn't find time for the gym, or myself for that matter. After having two C-Sections I had quickly spiraled into the unhealthiest and heaviest I had ever been. I was always pretty thin and in shape, so carrying around a heavier figure was taking quite the toll on me emotionally as well. 

I also am someone who has a fast heart rate naturally and am under the care of a cardiologist, in this exercise can be challenging for me.  Especially to have someone else controlling my workout, this made me question if I would even benefit from seeing Paula and utilizing her services. 

I took the leap and am happy to say I did, Paula quickly set me up on a nutrition plan and I followed it strictly and met my weight loss goals within a reasonable time. I work out with Paula a couple times a week in private sessions and absolutely love my time with her in the gym. I feel safe with her as she knows my health history and pushes me, yet makes sure my heart rate is controlled. Since seeing Paula I have made time for the gym and time to see her, she pushes me and my muscles more than I could have imagined. Paula has taught me so much about working out in her gym, I now feel confident in the gym on my off days from her. I have learned to live by Paula's Moto, "be consistent, see results". 

I feel better about myself physically and mentally and feel so much better in my skin!  I am still on the journey to reach my personal goals, but am happy to say I am making large strides because of Paula's guidance. I would highly recommend Paula to anyone wanting to see themselves healthier and have someone coach them along the way, Paula is a wonderful motivator and very inspirational. 

Smiling wearing my two piece, thanks Paula! 

Dana Laraway

May, 2017


Where to start....Paula has changed my life in so many ways for the better. She is such an amazing person inside and out! Turning 30 years old was no big deal to me. Life was great. I am a mommy of two, I play travel women's softball, and have always been active. I have always been into fitness.  But turning 31 was a different story. My body started to change in ways I wasn't ok with. I lacked energy and couldn't get into working out and eating right like I have always done. I became so hard on myself. Always complaining to my husband how bad I looked and how tired I was. I decided enough was enough and something had to be done. I needed a major life change. I needed to figure out how to love me again. I booked an appointment with Paula and that day has forever changed my life. Pulling up to Paula's gym I was scared to death, embarrassed of what I had become, and I didn't want to get out of the car. Paula was standing outside with the biggest smile on her face and said, "welcome!" It seemed like we have known each other forever. She made me feel so comfortable. I spent that first hour with Paula telling her my goals,fears, and doubts about myself and she spent that time showing me proper ways of lifting and encouraged me and took away all my doubts and fears I had. I thought working out was for women who wanted to get big. Boy was I wrong!

Over the past months Paula had showed me how to be happy again by changing my body and by doing this it has not only changed me physically but has changed me emotionally. I am such a happier person. I am healthy and feel great when I look into the mirror. I have more energy then I ever could imagine. Sure I have had tough moments but when I do Paula has been there to be not only a coach but a friend. She has listened to me and helped me through the rough times. I can finally say I am in a good place! I look better then I could have EVER imagined and I could have not done this without Paula right there beside me pushing me the whole way! Over the past months she has not only been a coach but has become a friend who I look up to. She leads by example and I couldn't ask for anyone better! 

Because of Paula my husband no longer hears me complain about how gross I think I look or how tired I am and I know he is forever thankful for Paula for making his wife love herself again. Like they say "happy wife, happy life." My life has forever changed for the better and I will always be grateful for the day I pulled up to BodyDesign and Paula was standing there saying, "Welcome." This women is amazing and she believes in what she does and she believes in each and everyone who walks through her gym. This is what makes her one of a kind and the best trainer around!


Mary Miller

August 2016


Paula has literally changed my life. When I met with her at my initial consultation, I was desperate to find someone who could help me feel and look better. At 51, I was tired, had been steadily put on weight and had never stuck to any kind of workout program in my life, though I have tried almost every one out there (I have an entire shelf full of Beach Body works - you name it, I've tried and ... and have not stuck with any of them). 


The catalyst for me finding Paula was my husband planning an anniversary trip for us to Jamaica. He was so excited about going, but I was mortified about putting on a bathing suit. After that initial meeting with Paula, I decided to give her program a try. She put together a meal plan for me and I went to two one hour sessions with her each week. In the 7 weeks that I had before my trip, my body changed drastically. Not only could I put on a bathing suit, I actually wore a bikini and felt great in it! My husband could not believe the transformation.


Paula has also been a great resource for me in better understanding my body and how the food I eat is reflected in my overall appearance, skin tone, and of course my health. It's now been four months and I am working out regularly, eating healthy, and feeling happy inside and out. It's the first time in my life I've ever stuck with a program for more than a couple of weeks and I actually look forward to my workouts. I cannot go backwards now; Paula continues to encourage me and push me to form new goals. She is a fantastic trainer, coach, and friend to her clients. 

Tracy Scott

January 2016

 The woman beside me, Paula Hornback "personal trainer" on Facebook, but behind closed doors she's so much more, she's the extra push, the pick me up, my google for fitness, mentor, supporter, friend, and biggest motivation. It's her job to instruct me, but to her it's more than just a job. Having some one at your side helping you through life struggles, building you up, and cheering you on has been one of the greatest rewards to my journey. Not to mention her wisdom and encouragement is something money can't buy. I've had just about every obstacle possible enter and leave these last few weeks, leaving me with doubt yet she continued to push me and believe in me through all the pain and disbelief I created. This journey all started when I was at my weakest point in life, I started just to fill the empty space of being alone, never in a million years would I believe I'd be competing on stage with other beautiful woman in front of 100's of people. But because of her shared passion for my success and faith, has kept me going and finally has me believing in myself and loving the woman in the mirror. The raw me, the real, and the broken!!! This has not only been a physical transformation, but mental, emotional, and spiritual break through! I could not have hand picked a better trainer for my very first show and to share this journey with, it's only the beginning and I'm determined to bring home the hardware! That being said, she deserves the most out right respect and huge shout out to follow!!!! I'm a living proof she's "DA BOMB" don't believe me, try her!!! 

Brittney Tanner

February 2016

Holy transformation!!! Had to repost, crazy what your body can do with the right knowledge, tools, mindset and, diet. It's up to you on how you respond and how far you go. "I love the person I've become, because I fought to become HER!" I cannot thank Paula Hornback for being my ROCK, holding me accountable, pushing me past my limits, filling my brain full of nutrition do's and dont's and teaching me the ropes of my new found love for fitness!!!! I love you!!!!! Now to step up the next 7 weeks and see what this body of mine is made of.

Brittney Tanner

December 2015

I came to Paula because I was told by my primary care physician that I needed to strength train because my job was putting too much stress on my joints. I was very hesitant to work with a personal trainer because I had gone to those big box fitness places, gotten the trainer, and I came away feeling so sore that I couldn't move for days. Paula totally understood what I meant and customized a workout routine that would not only allow me to increase my strength gradually, but to feel like I was getting a good workout each and every time I work out. I have now been working with Paula for over a year and WOW what a difference a twice a week makes when it comes to my strength. I feel stronger and I look stronger. I would highly recommend her and have complete faith that she will increase your strength without killing you on the first day. Thanks Paula for all you do.

Sharrie W.

November 2015

I cannot thank Paula enough!!! I have struggled with my weight for the past 5-7 years because I'm older.  I had several surgeries and also an emergency hysterectomy. Diets don't work and just because I go to a gym doesn't mean I'm doing it right. Paula works with ME and my needs and not just say, “ well this is what EVERYONE else does”. I love that about her. She is helping me become a better and healthier me. I feel better and have more energy. I see my body changing for the better. By Spring I should be lean and mean. Lol.
Thank you Paula!!!


November 2015

Before I came to Paula, I was competing for the Natural championship Bodybuilding competition in August 2015. My toughest area that I was struggling with was my legs; I was having hard time leaning them out before the competition. Paula was referred to me by a dear friend as she swore by her work and the results she achieved. Paula took me in as a new client and treated me like a family; she pushed me to my limits and sincerely cared about my achievement. Something that I never found in a personal trainer J Also a great thing I found with Paula that I couldn’t find with any trainer is her honesty and true opinion in my well-being. As a result, I won my class and I was able to bring the best package I ever I had competing. All thanks to her for being a true friend and a great trainer. I promise you, you will get the results you want whether competing, losing weight or just staying fit. She is THE ONE!!


Vivian Fam

November, 2015

I can’t thank Paula enough for the positive change she has made to my body and lifestyle in such a short amount of time. She put meal plans together that worked for me and my goals, while working around aggressive challenges of my extremely busy and non-typical lifestyle. As driven as I am to reach my goals I was still skeptical that my meal plan would not be sustainable ................... but in a few short days I learned it is completely sustainable and I actually love it ...... I just do not want to live any other way. Working out with Paula in addition to the meal plan brought AMAZING results, considerably noticeable in 4 session with her, to put that in prospective - that was 2 hours total work out time with Paula and another 2 to 3 on my own  ......... I was totally shocked at the results. Paula is transforming my body to a place a want it to be but never thought it was a body that I could ever have. Paula's knowledge of nutrition and conditioning the body is endless, this lady is incredible and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting assistance in reaching their goal, she can absolutely help you get there regardless of what your personal goal is, if it is conditioning for competition, losing a few lbs., just becoming healthier or just toning your body, I absolutely encourage you to let her help you. Paula I know I say this every time I see you but, thank you so so much for your help I am so glad I called you xo :)


Rachael Marsh

October 2015

In my 20’s I played competitive 3-man sand volleyball 5 days a week. In my 30’s I raised two beautiful children and played mommy 24/7. In my 40’s I became a President of my own Engineering Design Company. In my 50’s I found a great Personal trainer to help me get back into healthy living. At 54 years of age I was not looking to find my 20’s again. I was looking for regular exercise program for general body wellness and strengthening of inner body processes. Paula Hornback structures my exercises so that I am receiving a whole body workout. I love the fact that she understands my physical limitations and helps me work within my abilities to get the maximum results. Exercising has already increased the range of motion in my shoulder and alleviated the pain. I want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and my Golden years and I highly recommend Paula Hornback as a Personal Trainer.

King Regards,

Cherie Wolfe

October 2015

I've been a trainer for 8 yrs. and I picked Paula to help me get back in shape after multiple surgeries, lose weight, and hold me accountable! I lost 12 lbs in 6wks and physique is looking much better. She's the best! Excellent trainer, always gets the most out of you and very encouraging. Love training with her. She has really helped me refocus and has made me more passionate about what I do every day!

Terri Gootee

Certified holistic Health Coach
Certified Personal Trainer
Food Allergy/Weight loss Specialist

July 2015

Before I started working at with Paula, I was at a breaking point with my weight.  I was nearly 170 lbs.  For me this was very discomforting and at times just flat out right miserable. I knew I needed to make some changes. Unfortunately, I am not very self-motivated so I sought help from Mrs. Paula!! I have been working out with her two days a week and have been following her meal plan.  Since the beginning of April, I have lost a whopping 20 lbs.  Although it has not always been easy to stay on track, I am seeing big changes and want to continue to live healthy and be healthy.


Monica Wilhelm

April 2015

I was introduced to Paula in January. I was looking for a person that could help me get in shape and teach me how to eat healthier. She was recommended for her nutritional knowledge, bodybuilding experience, and her commitment to her clients. When first meeting Paula, I knew we were a good match. She was what I needed to help motivate me to do what it would take to live a healthier lifestyle with better food choices and proper workout techniques. Paula is helping me prepare for my first Bikini Competition. I could not have done this without Paula. She has been my guide and motivation throughout my journey.

Thank you Paula for believing in me!

  - Olivia Hasquin

January 2015

I can’t say enough about training with Paula Hornback.  She is such a great motivator and really makes me feel like she genuinely wants to help me be my best.  As a professional bodybuilder/physique competitor and a trainer myself, I struggle with pushing myself, and getting excited to workout.  Having Paula train me has really helped me step my training up and I feel like I get such a great workout from her.  She is sincere, passionate, and keeps me focused.  I’ve been training and competing for over 6 years and have had many coaches and trainers.  One thing I can certainly say about Paula is she is different, she pays attention to detail and what I need to work on in my physique.  I really appreciate her genuine excitement and care for me as an athlete and friend.  To sum up Paula’s training:  she kicks my ass!

Kira Nueman

IFBB Pro BodyBuilder

ISSA Certified Trainer

January 2015

I wanted to share how amazing, supportive and inspirational Paula has been since I began my dedicated fitness journey on April 1st. She developed a customized nutritional and training plan that matched my goals. I knew how to work out and had been for quite some time before starting to work with Paula but she has refined all the details for me.

Since I began her program I've seen the best results ever and in a shockingly short amount of time. While I only train with her once a week, she is constantly in contact with me checking in to see how I'm doing or if I have any questions.


Cheyenne Buchmann

November 2014

What can I say about Paula Hornback beside awesome. I originally hired Paula to get my husband and I in a healthier state.  Three years later we are in the best shape of our lives.  We have lost a total of 50 pounds and look and feel great!


If you are looking for someone to challenge you and truly make a difference this is the gal you are looking for. She continues to push us and keeps us on track to meet our next goals.


No wimpy workouts here!

The Johnson’s


March 2014

As a previous figure competitor, I’ve had a great deal of experience in diet and nutrition programs. However, this past year I found myself struggling. Hitting my macros of protein, carbs and fat intake one day only to turn around and sabotage my efforts with binges 2 or 3 days later.
Paula evaluated my nutrition and doubled my fat intake (and I was VERY, VERY resistant) and increased my daily protein.

Now, six weeks later, my binging is basically non-existent. I enjoy a couple of cheat meals each week but they no longer set me off. I am leaner, my pants fit better and I am satisfied. In fact, it keeps getting easier to eat cleaner each week. Paula also encouraged me to give up my artificial sweeteners in my coffee, water with artificial sweeteners and diet soda. I have and now I do not miss it!

Thanks Paula

Jeannie Keating